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Legal Aid

Free egal aid is provided. Ninety-five percent of all clients require legal aid of some form. Legal aod provided varies from writing legal letters to representing the case in court.

RENEW legal aid service can be availed by those who feel that they are being abuse and is a victim of Gender Based Violence;
• Victims of DV/GBV

  • Vulnerable women and children
  • Person with Disability
  • People living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS)
  • LGBTQI +++ community

RENEW shall provide the following legal aid services;

• Legal Advice
• Legal Assistance
• Mediation
• Legal Representation

Legal Advice, legal Assistance and Legal Representation will be available in the following civil cases:
• Gender discrimination;
• Claims in Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence cases;
• Matrimonial issues; and
• Child Abuse, Custody, alimony, paternity test and maintenance rights.

RENEW shall provide the following legal aid services in criminal cases:

• Legal Advice; and
• Legal Assistance including:

  • Filing application for bail process in cases of Domestic violence
  • Assist in securing protection order
  • Facilitating and Referral to the relevant agency

Legal Representation; through Retained legal firm.

Legal Representation in civil matters;

Legal representation in civil matters will entail representing vulnerable women and male victims of domestic violence for the following:
(1) Claims for child support;
(2) Claims for spousal support;
(3) Matrimonial issues;
(4) Claims for remedial services and other relief (medical bills, incident expenses, and others)
(5) Child custody.

Legal Representation in criminal matters;

1) Women and children in Self defense
2) Allegation of sexual assault, DV
3) single parents seeking child support from ex-partners,
4) victims of domestic violence,
5) parents seeking custody, support or access of children

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