Yeshi Lhendup

Yeshi Lhendup
Film Maker

Internet in modern times has a leaping advantage for any users across the globe. Everyone uses digital platforms to showcase their talents, creativity and skills. While such platforms help people understand the happenings around the world, it also helps oneself in grooming personally and professionally. If used wisely, the digital platform bring wonders in an individual’s life, but if used otherwise, with availability of all the bad stuffs just a click away, it can be a disaster too.
With an increasing usage and dependence on internet these days, over dependence on phones, spending more time on social media sites, apps and other platforms have in a way brought a social isolation from the family and friends surrounding us. Be it a gathering or any other occasion, more than spending quality time with people around, everybody just fiddles phones.

Sometimes, I feel the mere purpose of family gatherings or important occasions are defeated when you have a phone in hand. With every possible content online, the risk of exposing oneself to negative contents is always there. These days even child owns a phone so, often times, illicit contents pop up in every phones. Moreover, every child seems to be addicted to a phone now. This trend will only go further and it is a concern for everyone. Every individual should be more vigilant and mindful in using the digital platforms now. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many events on digital literacy or any sort of program to engage youths into healthy usage of such online platforms.

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