Yangchen Lhamo

Yangchen Lhamo
Yewong Marketing Executive

Social media platforms have given me a lot of opportunities in my career. It has been a powerful form of networking. I have always believed networking is the key to career and professional development.

As a social media behaviourist and a cyber citizen with a lot of Bhutanese people having access to the internet, I am concerned about privacy and the privacy of other people. Some Facebook users often post other personal details like citizen ID card number, date of birth etc with pictures defaming the other person. So I feel like this is the current rising issue in Bhutan.

Social media has always been a platform for women to raise their voices and it has been an exceptionally incredible tool for women empowerment. For example; Michelle Obama and other great feminists have been always supporting women and organizing a lot of social campaigns on women empowerment.  So I feel it’s a safe and sound environment for every woman to raise their voice.

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