Tshering Denkar

Tshering Denkar
Travel blogger and vlogger

Well the benefits of using internet and digital platforms are immeasurable. Personally for me as a blogger and vlogger I use digital platform as the tool to reach to my audience. These platforms have influenced the nature of my communications and interaction with my friends, family and followers.

Lack of cyber security and literacy concerns me. Millennials misusing digital platforms, elderly exposing the vulnerable minorities online and youth’s engagement into cyber bullies. In order to overcome the pertaining issues concern stakeholders should advocate on digital literacy to ensure young people feel safe and included in online platforms.

First of all , I feel it should be the innate duty of the digital platform users to protect themselves on platforms by following authentication procedures. All the users should be beware of phishing cases and its bad repercussions on themselves. Secondly, whatever they learn from the online it is duty of individual to be careful and responsible to expose the right contents.

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