Sonam Deki

Sonam Deki
Founder of work culture

Communication technologies, especially the Internet, have enabled more women to participate in knowledge sharing, network building, and electronic commerce, which translate into greater empowerment of women. Unlike the real world the internet provides women with the opportunity to explore their knowledge and rights. Especially with everything available with just a touch on the internet it is easier for women to get better work opportunities, learn when and where to seek help from and even self-educate. However, Lack of literacy rate amongst the females shuts them out from such opportunities.

Bhutan’s citizens, regardless of their age or gender, are exploiting the internet due to the lack of knowledge regarding cyberlaw. Online platforms are used to spread hate, including heinous sexual comments. Obviously, they do not know about the cyberlaw and think they can get away with it.  Lack of awareness on the proper and safe use of the internet. The proper use of the internet and knowledge of how to protect yourself online must be taught to our youth at school, along with the consequences of breaking cyberlaws because they are the ones who tend to misuse the access to internet. 

As the cyberlaws in Bhutan are in themselves incomplete, a positive enactment of pro-women policies and rights will assist in protecting our women who are victims of cybercrime and even prevent it from happening in the first place. There aren’t enough opportunities for women online or offline. Therefore, a better governance system and the creation of proper economic opportunities that empower women by testing and scaling digital innovations would greatly enhance safe opportunities for women in the digital world.  

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