Kuenzang Dema

Kuenzang Dema
Yeewong Creative Consultant

As a person who works in the creative industry, social media has really helped me in showcasing the work that I have produced and helped me in connecting and interacting with people who had similar interests. Instagram especially plays a huge role in exposing me to a diverse audience which has helped me see things differently and has assisted me in removing mental blocks and encouraged me to create more.

Every rose has its thorn, the internet has its advantages but it has its disadvantages too. Some of the cons of the internet would be trolling, cyberbullying, stalking, identity theft and scamming out of this sharing or promoting pornographic and violent images of young women has been a serious issue.

This can be done by talking to them and about the online world and spreading awareness on how one can protect themselves which would include not sharing personal information online, not letting others use your electronic devices and not accepting requests and opening emails from unknown senders.

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