Jitshen Rika Dorji

Jitshen Rika Dorji
Social Media Influencer

The Internet Platform to me is very important, mainly as a source for all information I acquire. I learn something new on a daily basis and that keeps my mind on the run, updated about my present and curious about my future. For me, the internet has provided me with various inspirations and motivations that help me with my career. One of the most serious cases of online exposure would be cyber-bullying. With the increase in digital literacy and technological advancements, more and more people are faced with backlashes from people online. 

One does not have to say something in person so they hide behind devices to hurt someone’s self-esteem. I fear that if a person faces such bullies, they are likely to have anxiety, depression and self harm thoughts. To advocate safety for women online, I believe one should be properly educated on cyber safety through educational classes in schools and awareness campaigns. Simple actions such as leaving one’s webcam on can be a big threats so such “does and don’t” should be properly channeled towards women.

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