GPS Coordinates System

GPS Coordinates System

The Druk GPS team who introduced the concept of life saving technology called “GPS Coordinates System” is on the mission to fulfill His Majesty’s vision on the effective usage of technology.

The team will be going on an awareness program to all the 20 Dzongkhags to train the De-suups on the usage of this technology in collaboration with De-suung – Guardians of Peace and RENEW from 18th September, 2021 to 1st November, 2021.

Druk GPS will also emphasize and engage the RENEW volunteers from each Dzongkhag to be part in this program as well. This initiative will help women and children protect and safeguard themselves from any odds.

This training intends to achieve the following objectives.

☑️ To generate, send and read coordinates.

☑️ Link coordinates from origin to destination, creating a beeline for helicopter and rescue team to timely and safely evacuate the victim.

☑️Usage of tactical coordinates and its importance.

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