One of the key factors keeping women in vulnerable situations is financial dependence and insecurity. Recognizing this, RENEW’s Livelihood Project aims to provide appropriate and sustainable skills trainings that lead to income generation and greater financial independence. Our goal is to ensure that the women who receive livelihood skills training are able to strengthen their self-reliance and support themselves and their children through effective livelihood strategies.

In local communities, the Livelihood Project works in close coordination with the Micro-Finance Project to identify preferred skills training matched with market viability. Clients in the Livelihood Project are first members of the Micro-Finance Project’s savings and loan groups thus allowing them to access loans, if needed, upon completion of their skills training.

Beneficiaries receive training in traditional looming, weaving, tailoring, food production (ginger candy, kimchi, tofu) and agricultural techniques. The Livelihood Project is committed to diversifying the trainings provided based on the beneficiary groups’ interests and market demand.

Through increasing livelihood opportunities, women gain confidence in their ability to improve their lives. Along with skills training, beneficiaries also receive on-going support and guidance to ensure the viability of group and personal business plans, life skills counselling and career guidance. The Livelihood Project is currently active in seven Dzongkhags (provinces) and aims to gradually provide these services in all twenty Dzongkhags of Bhutan.
RENEW’s Livelihood Project is generously funded by Fida International.

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