Design competition!

Criteria for participants:

  • Participants should be a Bhutanese National.
  • Participant should be above the age of 18.

Instruction for participants:

-Products should be innovative and unique in design. No duplication of the already existing products.

-Participants are allowed to participate in only ONE product category.

-Participants must use at least 75% of local raw materials for Home Décor, Clothing and Felting. 

-50% of the Jewels raw materials must be local.

-The materials must be ECO-Friendly.

-Participants must mention the person who had produced the material if the participants are using the readymade local raw materials.

-Participants are allowed to work together in group or individually.

-Participants must bear the cost of product delivery to RENEW and return to the participants after the competition.

-Participants must provide their details: Name, Contact number, address, and one photograph of yourself.

-Participants must provide the estimated selling price of the product.

-Products must be packaged well and properly addressed to RENEW, Thimphu.

-RENEW is not liable for any product damages and/or misplacement until product is received.

-The winners of the design competition have to entrust the design of the products to RENEW for RENEW’s branding.

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