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Statement by Her Excellency Lyonpo Dorji Choden, Minister of Work and Human settlement and Chairperson of National Commission for Women and Children on International Women’s Day 2018: Appreciating Her

    It is an honour, privilege and more importantly an opportunity to join all of you to celebrate and to pay our respects to the great women of our society. Empowering women is a necessity for gender equality. Societies where women are given equal respect and love flourish economically and socially. I am humbled

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Speech by Khenpo Bumdhen on International Women’s Day 2018 : Appreciating Her

In the Buddhist teachings, women and men are held as equals with both possessing the same potential to achieve enlightenment. Therefore, any discrimination towards women is considered a major transgression. Specifically, in the Vajrayana teachings, among the fourteen root precepts that cannot be transgressed to be a genuine practitioner on the path of Vajrayana, the

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